Peter Pham is the founder of Phoenix Capital, a bespoke advisory firm offering analysis, strategies, and insights on investment and finance. He serves on various boards and holds controlling stakes in multiple companies.

In 2013, John Wiley & Sons published his first book, The Big Trade: Simple Strategies for Maximum Market Returns. The thesis of the book states that one must look at markets from an agnostic and pragmatic standpoint, and assess markets based on available information and statistics. Pham reverse-engineered what the algorithmic trading desks are doing for beginners. The book is considered a top 10 book on investing and trading by various banks, with reviews citing it as a masterpiece and modern classic.

“It would help with entry points.. It’s not path dependent. It’s probabilistic. That’s how we think about things... Absolute Gold!”

$26 Billion Fund Manager in Australia

He went on to release 2 follow-up books through his investee company titled Decoded: Economics - Investments - Family Offices and The Big Trade 2.0. Based on the thoughts and opinions featured on publications such as Forbes, The Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, CNN Money, Yale University Global, Capital IQ, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Reuters, Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal, Active Trader, Minyanville, Wikipedia, Euromoney, Stansberry Research and Trading Markets.

The syndication partnerships with leading financial resource providers. On Seeking Alpha, his work has generated enough traffic to achieve top readership in multiple categories, including Forex, Demographics and ETF Long and Short Ideas. On The Motley Fool, more than a dozen pieces gestated have been chosen as ‘Editor's Choice’ and have generated significant traffic and discussion. Partnerships resulted in over +10 million page impressions and views, making Peter one of the top-earning researchers in the fledgling space.

Feb 12 - Feb 18, 2024

This led Pham and Phoenix to spearhead the expansion of MarketWise's (NASDAQ:MKTW) ventures in Asia. They conducted bespoke research and analytics for a series of corporations, institutions, and high-net-worth clients, leveraging their skill sets to make public and private investments in various businesses around the world.

Previously, he was involved in designing and constructing various sell-side reports, dailies, weeklies, and initiation reports and investor relations. Additionally, Pham supported institutional sales and execution for broker-dealers, investment banks and advisory firms. As a broker-dealer, Pham sourced various products and instruments, including corporate access, private placements, block shares, and P-Notes. He served clients such as BlackRock, Macquarie Group, Gates Foundation, Soros Fund, and the Vatican Fund.

In emerging markets, Pham partnered with S&P Dow Jones to construct The Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s VN30 Equal Weight Index and announce the Commodities Investment Cycle Index.

Peter created a podcast series that has been featured on iTunes international in "New & Noteworthy" section with over +1.5M downloads and by Forbes. This series features numerous financial thought leaders including Ron Paul, Jim Rogers, Mark Mobius, James Altucher, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Schwager, Rick Rule, Marc Faber, Vitaliy Katsenelson, Porter Stansberry, Frank Curzio, David Morgan, Doug Casey and Richard Maybury. They discuss market insights through casual, thought-provoking, and at times radical discussions.

Besides producing online content, he regular speaks at engagements on the presentation circuit in cities such as Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Perth, Toronto, London, and New York.

Peter is now based in the financial heartbeat of the world, Wall Street, identifying opportunities to step into the center of global finance, stay steps ahead of the market, and capitalize on today’s trends. He focuses on asset management with hedge funds and family offices till this day.

With over 20 years experience in capital markets, Pham’s expertise is sought by fund managers globally.

He is a force to be reckoned with.

Music to Money Management

Pham’s answer to Munger is Southerton, a creative sparring partner who shares a love of number patterns and esoteric research. Working as a professional musician and teacher for +20 years, he has invested in property, bullion, businesses and intellectual property (IP). Playing as a side man for virtuosos provided the surprising skill set needed to collaborate with one of finance's luminaries.

To reconcile dichotomies in the market, they created the principles of inversion investing. Where the accuracy of one’s perception of reality is validated through the price discovery of calls. Together, they refined the multi-decade journey, to spread the word using unique intellectual property that effectively relays abstract complexity with actionable simplicity.

Mining Investment in Asia: Insights from Peter’s Economic Models(Singapore)

The Inversion Investor:

The Inversion Investor is the institutional insider’s and private wealth newsletter, with +200,000 reads and impressions by some of Wall Street’s biggest names.

Inversion investing begins on the fringes, using data points to extrapolate investment value and wisdom. Underpriced assets can be identified by distortions in the information and knowledge of the time. Value is then discovered with a realignment of insight.

Double inversion investments strengthen into the core of the fundamentals or technicals through the process of becoming antifragile whilst the value proposition becomes increasingly centrist. Positions feed on attempts to invert them to conventional, mainstream wisdom, rather than efforts to promote them as outliers.

Investments and Trades:

Below are some of our previous gains, with the thesis from the time of trading.

1. Construct Vietnam's first Equal Weighted index with S&P Dow Jones +47% since inception (2012)

2. King Dollar +30% on USD (unleveraged)
Peter Pham calls USD in 2015 Forbes

3. Culture Streaming & Content licenses of Drake and Tupac +30% YOY Annualized Gain

4. Long NETFLIX +25%

5. Precious Metals Gain +45% trade (unleveraged)

6. Visions 20/20: Trades with Time Stamps
Big Trades Crash post '29 +30%
The Fastest Market Rebound post '38 +24%
The Largest Oil Spike Ever +30%
The Greatest Rise of the Military post '73 +80%
The Largest Ever Stimulus & Debt Rise & Bonds +30%
First Ever Time That Interest Rates Turned Negative +10%
The Rise of Big Pharma '20 +25%
Natural Gas Short +10%

7. Oil +30%

8. AMD +38%


Ron Paul, U.S. House of Representatives

“I was recently interviewed by hedge fund manager and international investor Peter Pham. We discussed my history of interacting with central bankers and the damage that they do to our economic lives. We also talked about my concern for the financial markets going forward.”

Rick Rule, Founder of Sprott Global Resource

“Peter, you have raised a critical point, which is that US dollar cash holdings come at a cost that is greater than people know; I love the idea, I have to make a confession to you, which is that my currency trading track record.

Frank Curzio, Wall Street Unplugged Podcast

“His methodology for picking stock is simple and the return is unbelievable.”

Porter Stansberry, Stansberry Research & MarketWise

“Peter, it’s always a pleasure to speak with you, you have been doing a great job of this.”

Michael Maloney,

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