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The Inversion Manifesto

Hedge Against the Upside Down World

Welcome to The Inversion Investor!

To understand the world around us and capital markets, we first discern that everything starts from 0, zero, the omega point. Which breeds new life from the singularity.

First principles.

New waves gradually expand from order, before the expansion turns into chaos through entropy and eventually repeats the cycle with a new omega point. This is the rise and fall of empires.

The current phase of entropy in markets can be captured by math, demonstrating how things appear inverted. We can use double inversions to restore order for ourselves.

As we encounter more chaos and double invert on trends. We capture the compounding effect of capital gains, something that Einstein called the most powerful force in the universe.

These gains work to aid you, the market participant, to offset the global wealth divide and to protect yourself from massive trends, such as global depopulation. As the centralization of the entire global economy inverts order into chaos before the next omega point.

As we head back into centralization towards the next omega point, the world around us will feel more like a prison planet. Sometimes to get light you need to double down on the darkness. Like how we see the other side from points of singularity or black holes in astrophysics.

Human nature is constant, whereas politics and economic systems have thresholds of what they can typically become, because of measures like debt degradation of the populous.

Social constructs lead to the rise and fall of nation-states as seen through the omega points, often lasting not much greater than a century. When it comes to running the commanding heights of the economy, human nature will always make it implode.

Individuals with dark triad traits seek positions of power to capitalize on the entropy from within, creating further chaos. Free trade and liberty once made possible by competence and respect become limited through interventions and coercion.

Using an understanding of commodity investment cycles across all sections within capital markets, we can see the trajectory of each industry, from real estate, energy, and commodities to any subsector. Informing us when to buy/sell/hold assets directly or stocks of producers at each stage of the cycle.

Our entire thesis is to handle all the entropy by doubling down. To Double Invert. Which creates linkages to order out of chaos as we REACH THE END OF DAYS.

The central planners are stacking the deck. Their economic financial models can be countered with signals, probabilities, numbers, analytics, paradigms, and perspectives. Making capital gains by employing data from the left side of the brain and intuition from the right, we can create our own edge.

Capital gains demonstrate having a closer understanding of reality. Today’s market realities can be best understood by using the inversion investing approach to protect and build your portfolio.

We work with investment institutions, family offices, and funds. Please get in touch to discuss research and asset management services.

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Below are some of our previous gains, with the thesis from the time of trading.

1. Construct Vietnam's first Equal Weighted index with S&P Dow Jones +47% since inception (2012)

2. King Dollar +30% on USD (unleveraged)
Peter Pham calls USD in 2015 Forbes

3. Culture Streaming & Content licenses of Drake and Tupac +30% YOY Annualized Gain

4. Long NETFLIX +25%

5. Precious Metals Gain +45% trade (unleveraged)

6. Visions 20/20: Trades with Time Stamps
Big Trades Crash post '29 +30%
The Fastest Market Rebound post '38 +24%
The Largest Oil Spike Ever +30%
The Greatest Rise of the Military post '73 +80%
The Largest Ever Stimulus & Debt Rise & Bonds +30%
First Ever Time That Interest Rates Turned Negative +10%
The Rise of Big Pharma '20 +25%
Natural Gas Short +10%

7. Oil +30%

8. AMD +38%

9. AMC +2000%

The Inversion Investor
The Inversion Investor
Peter Pham
Thomas John Southerton