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Confessions of a Fund Manager

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A powerful, profitable, and elegantly podcast for investors and traders

This market is extraordinarily complex, and unfortunately, most trading systems are too. This podcast presents a system that helps filter out the noise. It leaves behind only meaningful signals you need to listen to in order to make profitable trades. Employing simple math and charts, it codifies the past behavior of traders in your favourite stock to assist you to recognize high probability trading patterns.

This podcast breaks with traditional analytical tools and rejects the theory of predictability. Instead, it lets traders understand both how markets are structured and how they behave. The result is a simple action plan that is as effective and applicable for day traders as it is for generational investors. Blending his personal story and analytical techniques, The Big Trade guides traders of all experience level to find the probability that a stock price will rise or fall in a particular time period.

"It has never been more important for investors—individualand institutional alike—to have a firm handle on the nexusbetween East and West. Fortunately, we have Peter Pham, whose experience allows him to transcend borders and focus on what matters most."

—Joshua Morgan Brown, author of The ReformedBroker, CNBC

The Big Trade:

- Gives traders a powerful, yet the simple trading methodology

- Was written by a trader with twelve years of both buy and sell-side experience in global equities trading

- Is appropriate for most styles of trading, including institutional investing and day trading

- For traders who want a universal approach that works for any market at any time

- The Big Trade offers a new and effective methodology for successful trading without gimmicks or magic formulas.



In the beginning, The True Creator of Everything proclaimed: Let there be light! After a brief silence, He then decreed: And let it be E = mc2

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